'Discover the                           within yourself'


Soul Coaching with Julie Gerber

A “soultrepreneur,” professionally trained coach, fashion lover, inspirational speaker, and an empowered woman dedicated to helping other women discover the essence of self-love within.


Pretending to be someone else, that “perfect version” of a woman or man we are taught to become?


I know I sure did.


I also know how destructive and exhausting it can be to spend your days pretending to be – and thinking you “should” be – someone you’re not.


Through years of self-exploration, continuous learning, and conscious efforts to hear and trust my own wisdom, I was finally able to take off the mask and let my spirit shine.

Now let me help you do the same.

Do you ever feel like you're wearing a mask?

Meet Julie

MSW, RSW | Soul Coach

A “soultrepreneur,” professionally trained coach, fashion lover, inspirational speaker, and an empowered woman dedicated to helping other women discover the essence of self-love.

As the first and only trained  CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™ in Canada, I provide a compassionate space for women to find their authentic self and release their inner power.


With a Master’s in Social Work and over ten years supporting the healing journeys of individuals suffering from eating disorders, my education and work experience have given me the knowledge and skills required to guide you in your personal journey of self-discovery. By combining this professional experience with my own personal experience of childhood anorexia and other private struggles, I will work with you to create a customized program that will dig deep and heal your inner child. Through this process, you will find your way to inner love.

What You Can Expect

A Safe Space

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When we decide to work together, you will have a trusted confidant - fully committed to your growth.


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Connect to yourself, others and the world around you with love and acceptance.


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Unlock your limiting beliefs. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and core values. 

New Habits

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Develop empowering habits that will dissolve your fears and boost your confidence.


      so that you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds.

- Dr. Thema

Julie made me cry, laugh and yet at the same time made me feel safe in sharing my journey. She inspired me, validated me, encouraged me and forced me to look a little bit deeper to heal the wounds others left behind.

- Kristen M.

Julie saved my life. I cried, laughed and smiled with her as she creates a safe space to heal. I learned to let my guard down and open up to Julie and to the world.

- Anonymous

Julie is a compassionate coach who customizes sessions to find your inner child and work with deep rooted subconscious patterns that are blocking you from success. I am living a more abundant life after working with her!

- Tammy S. M.


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