Mental Health

How to Improve Mental Health with Self Love Help

We all get down days sometimes. It's totally normal to feel sad, anxious, or just not like yourself once in a while. But if you've been feeling down for awhile, you might need a little more support. Here are three ways to improve your mental health with a little self love help.
1. Get Some Sleep
Proper sleep is so vital to our human lives. Everything we do (or don't do) can be attributed to the amount of sleep we get. Many people think they can get away with less than 7 hours of sleep, but studies prove this isn't true. Cancel your plans and head to bed early. Your body (and mind) will thank you tomorrow.
2. Do What You Love
We put so much of ourselves out to other people, we often forget to think about what we want. Take some time to tune out others and focus on what you like to do. Hit up that dance class you've been wanting to try or bring a new recipe into the kitchen. Whatever you love to do, do it!
3. Try Positive Self-Talk
How we talk to ourselves is incredibly important for our mental health. Every time you hear yourself criticizing the words you say or the actions you take, stop and reframe your thoughts. Cut yourself some slack and focus on what you've done right or what you're good at. Talk to yourself the way your best friend talks to you.
Find Self Love Help with Me!
My name is Julie and I'm a Consciousness Coach in London, Ontario. I can help you improve your mental health by offering self love help that teaches you to reduce your limiting beliefs and become the best version of yourself. Contact me today to learn more.