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CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® is a powerful yet gentle soul-based coaching method that facilitates a personal awakening and inner empowerment process. This coaching experience equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a more authentic and fulfilling life. By developing a state of conscious awareness and learning how to redirect energy, people are freed up to interpret their life, their experiences, relationships and themselves from a state of presence and love instead of fragmentation and fear. CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® has been developed by Eryka Stanton, Founder of The Academy of Soul Empowerment.


My Coaching Approach

Through my years of experience supporting individuals looking to make meaningful life changes, I have learned many things that have shaped my approach to coaching.


One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that that change and progress often emerge through a BREAKTHROUGH or a TRANSFORMATION.

The obvious question – What is the difference?

A Breakthrough is when a new, big and important understanding is brought to the surface. This can involve a shift in perception and the introduction of a new belief that brings you to a different space of awareness and motivation. Breakthroughs can happen in an instant or as a result of a single coaching session.

On the other hand, a Transformation is a long-lasting change that results from persistent and consistent inner and outer action on a new breakthrough. It emerges over time as you work to integrate a new belief and then live by this new belief. Long-lasting transformation occurs through ongoing practise, commitment and discipline. It takes time.


Individuals seeking a true transformation may benefit from a coaching package.

Let me help you figure out if you are looking for a BREAKTHROUGH or a TRANSFORMATION.

Book a Discovery Call today for us to get started! From there, we can determine if your needs would be best met through a coaching session designed to encourage a breakthrough or a
package of sessions that can guide you towards a




20 min - Complimentary

This call will enable us to connect in order to assess what you are currently experiencing and how I can best support you in your journey. Please note that this offer is for first-time clients only.

Single Breakthrough Sessions



1 hr  - $120

Experience a gentle soul-based coaching method. The session will help you learn how to redirect energy and create a more authentic and fulfilling life. You will gain a new perspective, develop effective solutions and experience inspiration that will bring you closer to your life goals.

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1.5 hr  - $165

A power session is all about guiding you and building the skills you need to tackle a specific topic that is currently creating challenges for you. This could be your relationships, career, self-confidence, patterns of limiting beliefs, or a particular situation that is making you feel disempowered. This session will focus on getting at the root of the issue and will leave you feeling clearer, lighter and more empowered from within.

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1.5hr  - $165

Get ready to LET GO of the past and experience love from within. Whether you’re feeling lonely because a relationship ended, struggling to cope with a loss in your life, or sensing a general disconnection from your true self, this session is tailored to help you heal inner wounds and begin to feel powerful, joyful, and happy in your life.

Soul Transformational Packages

Experience a profound shift and long-lasting change through a gentle soul-based coaching method. Firmly establish your path to inner healing and make real progress towards your goals. You will undergo a personal awakening & activate an inner healing process.



So What Is Nourishing The Soul?

Nourishing The Soul is an 8-week, online program with individualized 1:1 coaching that will help you explode with inner confidence by healing your relationship with food and your body.

You will be guided through several healing stages within the Nourishing the Soul Program plus we focus on any areas that need more attention as opposed to taking everyone down the exact same path like other programs.

Nourishing The Soul program IS for you if you want to develop...

  • Awareness – unlock the beliefs and wounds that have been keeping you stuck majority of your life.   

  • Connection – Develop a connection to yourself and your past so you can heal the wounds that have been keeping you stuck

  • Inner Release – Let go of the old behaviours and start the journey to a new and  healthy relationship with food and yourself.

  • Acceptance – Fully accept your physical body and no longer let it control your life

  • New You – Unleash the new empowered you that will dissolve old fears and boost your confidence

  • Inner Happiness – Find harmony within yourself and activate your souls’ purpose and live the life you desire.

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What Else Is Included In The Program?

  • Powerful one to one weekly coaching sessions that will guide you to create long-lasting inner and outer change

  • Worksheets and transformational activities that will help you gain new perspective and develop effective solutions that will bring you closer to your life goals.

  • 24/7 Support via e-mail so you can get the support you need sooner

After completing the 8-week Nourishing The Soul program you will experience an inner transformation that will give you the confidence you desire and create a more authentic and fulfilling life. The battle with food and your body that has kept you hostage for years, will be over and you’ll finally live with a sense of freedom and peace within.

How it Works

All of my services are available for local, national and international clients. Check out the menu of services and book a session online now. It's quick and easy! If interested in booking a ‘In Person’ session please email Julie directly to arrange. All in person sessions are held in London, Ontario Canada.