Soul Empowerment Coaching

What is Soul Empowerment Coaching?

What I do is pretty unique and not everyone "gets" it right away. I totally understand! It took me 10 years of working in social services before I saw how I could help people in a different way. That being said, I like to explain to my clients exactly what they can expect from working with me. This often helps them understand, reduce skepticism, and get excited about our work together!
My Experience
In my past, I have dealt with my own eating disorders and difficult breakups. This led me to a decade long career in social work. However, I still struggled with daily life and had beliefs that limited me from reaching my full potential. Then I found The Academy of Soul Empowerment and became a Certified Consciousness Coach.
What We'll Do Together
When we work together, we will address your life struggles and limiting beliefs. You will develop a new awareness of your life and be able to redirect your energy away from negative thoughts and towards empowering, fulfilling statements. You may experience a breakthrough that leads to transformation over time.
How It Will Improve Your Life
I will help you to uncover your true self and how you can live authentically in every area of life, from work, to friendships, to relationships, to family. Whether you're dealing with limiting beliefs, a broken heart, or an unsatisfying career, you'll see results in as little as one session.
Try Soul Empowerment Coaching Today!
If you've been looking for a spiritual coach near me, you've come to the right place. Book your introductory 20 minute call today and you'll be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.